Lincoln Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Lincoln Church, a Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lincoln, Rhode Island

Pathfinder Club

The Lincoln Lions Pathfinder Club was reactivated in June 2015 after being inactive for over a decade by Anita Watkins, Dawnette Wallace, Jeniffer Reid and Samuel Garcia. The Lincoln Lions Pathfinder club works in partnership with the home, school and church. Our purpose is to lead young people into a redemptive relationship with Jesus, to build them into responsible and mature individuals, and to involve them in active and selfless service. The club encourages the youth to participate in all aspects of church life.

Club Director: TBA
Club Deputy Director: Samuel Garcia

Mission Statement
The Pathfinder Club is a Seventh-day Adventist church sponsored ministry which is designed on focusing on developing the spiritual, mental and physical capacities through activities meeting the needs and interests of children and adolescents from grades 5 to 10 (ages 10 to 15).


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