Lincoln Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Lincoln Church, a Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lincoln, Rhode Island

Sabbath School Council 

Superintendent: Dolores DeLeon Dozier
Assistant Superintendent: Silma-del Langley
Contact: TBD

Mission Statement
The mission of the Lincoln Seventh-day Adventist Church Sabbath School Council is to have a deeper spiritual experience and for all divisions to work together in sharing the good news of Christ’s Second Coming.

Sabbath School Classes



Quarterly Book Name

Beginners brith - 2 years Beginner
Kindergarten 3 - 5 years Kindergarten
Primary 6 - 9 years Primary
Juniors 10 - 14 years PowerPoints
Earliteens 13 - 14 years Real-Time Faith
Youth 15 - 17 years Cornerstone
Young Adults 18 - 35 years Collegiate Quarterly (CQ)
Adult 35+ years Adult

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