Lincoln Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Lincoln Church, a Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lincoln, Rhode Island

Music & Arts Ministry

Musical Director: Pastor Hance Philippe
Assistant Musical Director: Jarrett Reese

Mission Statement

  1. To spread the gospel in song while creating a powerful atmosphere of worship, both within and outside the walls of Lincoln SDA Church, that helps bring the believer closer to God. 
  2. To service as a nerve center for musicians, singers and believers of all generations

Musical & Artistic Groups

Chosen Dance Group - Directed & Choreographed by Audrey Bright

Living Eternally Grateful As Christian Youths (LEGACY) Dance Group - Directed & Choreographed by Audrey Bright

A Chosen Generation Children's Choir - Directed by Hannah Gibbs

Praise Outlet Youth Ensemble - Directed by Allia Lima

Divine Providence Singers - Directed by Pastor Hance Philippe 
Divine Providence Singers is the senior worship team. Their mission is to praise the Lord, minister to others through music, and create an atmosphere of true, authentic worship wherever we sing.


Each group would love the opportunity to ministry at an event or function outside of our church events. Please contact Pastor Hance Philippe at for more information.